Proud Owners: Lee Crease

At SLSHOP we’re honoured to play a part in the Mercedes SL love affair with which most of our customers are already engaged, and our recent new customer Lee Crease is one of these.

Lee grew up appreciating the Mercedes 107 SL. His uncle had owned a 107 500, and when the opportunity came for him to buy one for himself around one year ago, he wasn’t going to turn it down. He was soon the proud owner of a beautiful red-coloured 107 which he purchased privately.

After taking delivery of his new car, he got in touch with SLSHOP for the first time and brought the car down for an inspection and general health check. The check was to show up a fair few areas for concern, but he had come to the right place.

Lee said: “I had always wanted a 107 500, it was my dream car and I was lucky enough to be able to purchase it a year ago. However, I bought privately – I wish I’d have come to SLSHOP first instead!

“The health check carried out at SLSHOP was very thorough and the outcome was a long list of things which needed attention. However, it’s the start of a journey with the car and I’m excited to have it. I know what I want to achieve with the car and I was in the right place here at SLSHOP.”

The mechanics at SLSHOP identified several key areas that would need some significant work, including the common bulkhead corrosion that so many 107 SLs struggle with. There were also issues with the engine and the interior needed considerable work, too.

Talking about his experience of SLSHOP so far, Lee added: “The experience here has been really good. I’ve been up here a lot- I like to look at the cars being worked on in the workshop. It’s the best of the best here. Every time you come you see different cars and different things happening. It’s fascinating.

“The guys are really good guys. It’s been great fun and that fun will continue”.

Lee’s visits to SLSHOP have already seen him add another classic SL to his collection as well after he purchased a beautiful, fully-restored, 107 300 from the showroom. The 300 will eventually sit alongside the 500 at his storage facility.

“On one of my many trips up to SLSHOP I saw a beautiful 300 in the showroom. It was for sale and within an hour of laying eyes on it I had bought it!” Lee says.

“I hadn’t planned to buy the car, it was just here in showroom and looked magnificent, all finished and all done.”

He expects to drive both cars, but it’s the 500 which he is aiming to get the most use out of. A road trip to the South of France may be in the offing next summer, taking advantage of the character of the car while being able to trust the reliability of a properly restored 300 as well.

As for future purchases?

“You can never own enough cars! I think maybe a Pagoda will be the next one to add to my collection. That’s the start of the iconic SL, so I’d like to grab one.”

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