113 Pagoda Servicing

To get the best out of your Pagoda you need reliability and dependability. To get the best out of your SL, first we must get to know the car in detail.

We offer a health check based W113 service schedule for your Pagoda, beginning with our comprehensive check list. Our health check is structured like an MOT test, but goes above and beyond basic requirements. We’ll give you a conclusive document covering 300 key points, not just limited to mechanical components but also interior fittings and trim. This health check is performed in our service bay, on the ramps and out on the open road, where the car will be driven by experts with real Pagoda.

From there you’ll sit down with Bruce to discuss what’s next for you and your Pagoda, whether that’s a simple service or a more detailed plan of action and work.

With our experience and expertise we are ideally placed to get beneath the skin of your Pagoda to bring out the best.

Servicing Options

There was a time when tatty Pagodas would arrive once a year for an annual service… Those days are gone. When it comes to Pagoda, we split our time between caring for excellent examples and helping Pagoda owners to better understand what they’ve got. Some of our customers have owned these cars for decades, and only now in amidst a furore of rising prices are they starting to approach remedial work on these cars.

No matter what state your Pagoda is in, whether it’s perfect or in pieces, we’d love to help you make the most of it. Starting with an oil and filter change, of course!

113 Pagoda Setup

As custodians of these cars, we take pride in showing owners what a properly prepared Pagoda is capable of. Values may have doubled in recent times, but part of what we do is unpicking years of neglect, addressing areas that were ignored during the downward curve of the model’s depreciation. We help owners to compare the Pagoda they’ve got with the Pagoda they want – even restored cars can fail to drive the way they should. With a Pagoda, a car that runs well requires more than just a rebuilt engine. The fuelling, ignition, gearbox and suspension all contribute to the finished package. Through years of expert knowledge and experience with these cars we can show you what a Pagoda should feel like.

SLSHOP Craftsmanship

The quality of a finished piece lies in the strength of the craftsmanship throughout. We apply the same detail to every aspect of your build and restoration, from the final fitment of chrome to the way we bolt the seats. We know these cars well enough to understand how the little details fit the big picture.

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