Musty, damp carpets, water in the footwell, temperamental blower motor, unpredictable electrics… these are all symptoms of a rusty bulkhead. The well documented Achilles heel of the R107SL has taken many a car off the road in the last three decades. Even the later galvanised cars are not immune from the corrosion, as the metal inside the bulkhead was not galvanised by the factory.

We’ve seen from the horror stories that have arrived in our workshop that there is no quick fix for this particular ailment. The only way to deal with the problem effectively is to remove the dashboard, heater components, wiring and insulation to gain access to the bulk head, then cut out the rusted, corroded metal, refit brand new panels and rust proof everything once it’s in place.

Our bulkhead restoration work uses our very own bulkhead panels, a part that’s exclusive to the SLSHOP and one we developed after years of dealing with corroded bulkheads. Each bulkhead job we do comes fully photo documented, with a unique bulkhead certificate and sticker to verify that the work has been carried out to the highest standards by the SLSHOP. See our video for more details.

Bulkhead Repair

As with any old car, the Mercedes-Benz R107 is prone to rust. Although made to a better standard and from better materials than many of it’s contemporary rivals, the SL of the 1970s and 80s has some well publicised weak spots, chief of all is the dreaded bulkhead. Our method, which has been developed in house over a number of years, is intended to be a completely comprehensive solution, backed up by an SLSHOP guarantee.

SLSHOP Bulkhead

As you can see from our video, even cars that look superb from the outside can be hiding a dark rusty secret within the bulkhead. It’s not easy to inspect unless you know what you are looking for, and as the area is not structural, is unlikely to be picked up by an MOT test. For many people, damp carpets and faulty electrics are the first signs of advanced bulkhead corrosion.

SLSHOP Craftsmanship

The quality of a finished piece lies in the strength of the craftsmanship throughout. We apply the same detail to every aspect of your build and restoration, from the final fitment of chrome to the way we bolt the seats. We know these cars well enough to understand how the little details fit the big picture.

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