SLSHOP Health Check

To help you get the best out of your SL, we must first get to know the car.

Our health check is a comprehensive 300 point status survey for your car, not just limited to mechanical components but also interior fittings and trim. This health check is structured like an MOT but in much more detail, performed in our service bay, on the ramps and out on the open road, where the car will be driven by experts with real experience of how it should be performing.

Once the check is complete you’ll sit down with Bruce Greetham to discuss the findings, go over the observations and make a forward plan to take the next steps in your classic Mercedes-Benz experience.

A health check is perfect for customers who have recently purchased an SL, or long term custodians beginning to think about a restoration. Contact us to book your health check now.

Years of Experience

Knowing what makes a good car is one thing, but understanding what makes a bad one is another… At the SLSHOP we have built exceptional, show winning cars and driven stupendously bad ones, putting us in the ideal position to offer a comprehensive health check. You may drive your car regularly and feel something isn’t quite right, or drive it occasionally and imagine it to be perfect, but are you getting the most out of your SL? Is your classic car set up to optimise the driving experience, can it be improved?

Let us cast our expert eye over your car to enhance your long term SL enjoyment.

107 Health Check
Truly understanding your car starts with an SLSHOP health check. Our day long inspection, investigation and consultation suits all generations of SL. It is a chance for us to get to know you and your car, to understand your history with the vehicle and your aspirations for it. Your SL will spend time with our chief technician in the workshop, on the ramps and on the road, after which you’ll be presented with a detailed 8-page report on the condition of your car, covering the mechanics and aesthetics both inside and out. No other specialist offers such a comprehensive service, and no other specialist understands these cars like the SLSHOP.
Case Study

Jon bought his 500SL on eBay, with no service history. For that reason, he wanted to bring it to the SLSHOP for a thorough health check. On the journey to the SLSHOP, he discovered sticky brakes. After chatting through the process with Bruce, Jon was able to kill some time in our showroom whilst Bruce and the team went over the car with a fine tooth comb.

During the test drive, Bruce noticed the car displayed vague handling and excessive steering play, and sure enough, sticking brakes. Once the car was up on the ramps, Bruce and the team were able to confirm that the front subframe bushes were perished, leading to shuddering through the front when driving over small bumps. As Jon intended to use the car for international touring, bringing it to the SLSHOP was a wise move. For Jon, the overall prognosis wasn’t too bad, and he was able to leave the SLSHOP happy that his impulsive eBay buy looked to be a good purchase.

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Whatever your Mercedes-Benz, Whatever your needs are, Let the SLSHOP help you. It all starts with getting to know you and your needs. We have designed this contact form to be quick and easy and we never share your data.

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