Rust Protection

over the last 20 years we at The SL Shop have learnt that our beloved marque is certainly not immune from the dreaded iron oxide. We have dealt with enough classic Mercedes-Benz cars to understand the weak points, indeed it has been ten years since we developed our R107 bulkhead repair kit – and over 3,000 have been sold worldwide.

As water finds its way inside the plenum chamber via the heater blower motor cover, an R 107 SL can rust from the inside out. What may look like a perfectly presentable car from the outside could be hiding all manner of rusty secrets within.

The bulkhead may be the starting point for many, but when your pride and joy is completed, how will you protect your restored classic from future rust and corrosion?

With this in mind, we have opened The Rust Prevention Shop, an area of The SLSHOP dedicated to rust prevention for your classic car.

Our rust prevention is a modern, technologically advanced solution for an age old classic car problem.

We’ve come a long way since the 1970s – your car deserves so much more than a weekend’s worth of black underseal.

Contact our team to discuss a rust prevention solution for your classic car.

We are a DINITROL preferred treatment provider

We are proud to be DINITROL® preferred treatment provider at RPSHOP. DINITROL® are recognised worldwide for their effective handling of rust and corrosion on vehicles, with experience spanning 70 years, so you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in safe hands with our trained technicians, using a tried and tested product. Through applying DINITROL® products to specific areas of your vehicle, we’re able to protect and preserve it from future rust and corrosion.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us today to discuss the protective methods we can use to treat your valued vehicle today.

Underbody Protection

Once clean, with any ongoing issues solved, an overall protection for any future damage is required. When it comes to used vehicles, we recommend using a protection specific product, of which two colour options are available: black, as whilst the vehicle may be structurally sound, a black product will help to conceal any imperfections the vehicle may have gained through use, and clear for If your vehicle is a factory original or has just been lovingly restored to a high standard, we recommend using a product that’s clear in colour, to show off the pristine underbody of your vehicle.

Cavity Wax

The underbody of your vehicle comes into contact with so many elements, from road grime, and water to salt, tar and grit, all of these contribute to rust and corrosion, that’s why it’s important to protect and preserve your vehicle from the very beginning. Cavity Wax is a deeply penetrating, water displacing wax that creates a flexible oily film on the surface of the vehicle where it is applied, preventing any ongoing corrosion.


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