Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, Mercedes-Benz offered SportLine versions of certain models. These were never intended to be ostentatious or to have outrageous performance credentials, they were mildly tweaked versions of what were already very good cars. The modifications usually involved larger wheels, sportier suspension and unique interiors.

The 190 and 124 received the SportLine touch, but the SL was never given the chance… until now.

Although the SL was superbly engineered, we always knew the platform was capable of more. Customers were looking to make the car drive, respond and brake in line with modern performance standards. With this in mind, we started the SportLine project.

300 107 Sportline

Using the 300SL as a base, we lightened the crank and flywheel, ported and polished the cylinder head, installed a performance camshaft and replaced the ignition and fuelling with modern components. Our team was also able to shorten the throttle linkage, which transforms the way the three litre six cylinder responds through the gears. With a custom exhaust and manifold, the 300SL SportLine produces 255bhp, which is more than a factory standard 500SL.

500 107 Sportline

After the launch of our Signal Red 300SL SportLine, an international customer got in touch. This client lives in a warm country with wide open roads, and thought a 500SL SportLine V8 with a manual gearbox would be the perfect weekend car. After choosing the specification, the build got underway. The end result? Nothing short of epic.

Sportline R

The SportLine project taught us a great deal about the limits of the R107 chassis… and those limits are only set by your imagination! We took a UK 450SL, fitted American spec taped up headlights and went racing. Well, there was a lot more to it than that, but you get the idea. Read on to find out more…

Sportline Rally Car

One of the most exciting builds we’v been a part of recently was the SLC Rally Car, destined to compete in the Classic Persia. This event is a gruelling, long distance rally across rough surfaces. It requires reliability and performance without compromising on comfort. The SLC was a natural choice.


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